What is Moorish Science?

by Christian Bey

     Different religions and spiritual philosophies have been created and adopted by different nations at various time periods. Though the form and teachings of many religions appear to be different, their source is one and the same. Esoteric adepts throughout the World shared and continue to share a core high spiritual science. The modern English name for this wisdom is "Moorish Science" and its greatest principle is Love - free from pagan idolatry and artificially created fears, guilt and superstitions.
     Moorish Science is self-discipline in body, word and mind, self-development and self-purification. It applauds all that is good in Man while leveraging all of the benefits of eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Routine physical activity combined with diets rich in minerals and vitamins stimulate brain chemicals that induce healthy thoughts, decrease stress levels and foster an acute ability to think better.
     Moorish Science teaches us to abstain from slander, dishonesty and talk that may bring about enmity, hatred and disharmony among individuals or groups of people. The fundamental principle is that when one abstains from harmful speech, one naturally will speak the truth and employ language that is benevolent, gentle, meaningful and useful.
     Moorish Science directs individuals to move beyond the search for happiness through the pleasures of the senses - the Lower Self. It illustrates the importance of developing compassion and wisdom. Compassion represents love, charity, kindness, tolerance and qualities of the heart. Wisdom represents the intellectual portions of the mind and the qualities of Right Thinking.
     Moorish Science aims at promoting moral, honorable and ethical behaviors. If fosters spiritually healthy values while rejecting the licentious destruction of life. It promotes the ideals of altruism with emphasis on helping others to lead peaceful and honorable lives in the Right Way.
     Moorish Science is a key which opens the door to a wholistic way of life. It strengthens our ability to "uplift ourselves" and overcome harmful thoughts of "me" and "mine", selfish desire, cravings, hatred, conceit, pride and other impurities of a temporary material existence. It reveals the Divine Force in Man, that which is permanent, everlasting and absolute.
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     "If you would ask me what to study, I would say, yourselves; and when you well have studied them; and then would ask me what to study next, I would reply, yourselves. He who knows well his lower self, knows the illusions of the world, knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self, knows Allah; knows well the things that cannot pass away." (Moorish Holy Koran 3:14-15)
Photo of Noble Drew Ali and SGS Edward Mealy El
Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Grand Sheik Edward Mealy El


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